History: Oldest and Youngest US Presidents

With the impending announcement of Joe Biden entering the race for US President, much has been discussed across the country about the appropriate age for a President.

Biden, 76 will be the second oldest candidate running for US President for the upcoming 2020 election with Bernie Sanders just edging him out at age 77. Sitting President Donald Trump is currently the oldest president in history at age 72. Here is a breakdown of the oldest and youngest US Presidents when they were first elected:


Donald Trump 70, Ronald Reagan 69, William Henry Harrison 68, James Buchanan 65, George H.W. Bush 64


Theodore Roosevelt 42, John F. Kennedy 43, Bill Clinton 46, Ulysses S. Grant 46, Barack Obama 47

Too Soon To Tell

This election cycle will test the American public on how old is too old to take on the enormous challenge of being President of the United States. One candidate who is making waves, openly gay Pete Buttigieg, was born in 1982 and is 37 years of age. If elected, he would be the youngest President in US history.

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