Analysis: Family Trumps Politics

It’s a holiday weekend with families across the nation celebrating yearly traditions with one another. Many travel miles to see their loved ones, taking time off of work or just staying for the weekend to get back to the Monday morning grind.

Politics will inevitably come up during Easter Dinner or perhaps a Passover Seder. A slip of the tongue invoking hatred for Presidential Donald Trump or a humble brag that the “liberal media” was wrong on Russian collusion.

Whatever your political leanings, family gatherings are precious. You never know when you might lose one of your own. This holiday weekend, everyone at the Gray Tribune wishes you and your family a weekend of joy, gratitude, and living in the moment free from the political drama that has ensnared our nation.

Remember, we are the United States of America not the Divided States of America and we must always put country, family, and friends first before party politics.

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