Income Range of the Middle Class Americans

USA Middle Class House with White Picket Fence

The term middle class is thrown around by politicians often who are looking to gain votes either by deriding or praising the incumbent politician in office. Who is the middle class and how is income of the middle class calculated?

According to Pew Research, Middle class incomes ” are adults whose annual household income is two-thirds to double the national median, after incomes have been adjusted for household size. In 2016, the national middle-income range was about $45,200 to $135,600 annually for a household of three (incomes in 2016 dollars).

How far a family’s income goes depends on where in America the family lives. Big cities across the nation like New York, Boston, and San Francisco coupled with coastal cities in California eat up significant dollars each month to cover the high cost of living with souring house prices and rent.

Less expensive communities across the nation allow for a middle income earner to live a comfortable living in a sizeable house.

Americans looking for a better lifestyle and more affordable living have the fortunate access to numerous and diverse communities across the country. While relocation services are not very common in areas that have gentrified beyond middle class means, online sites like Redfin, Hotpads, and Zillow give individuals greater insight into communities they may want to relocate to and gain a higher standard of living.

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