Moderate Democrats Polling Well In Latest Democratic Polls

Polls show Moderate Democrats beginning to come out in full force since the latest announcement of Joe Biden running for president.

Since Biden’s announcement, multiple polls show the former Vice President surging to a double digit lead ahead of the second place candidate, in most cases Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Embracing moderate positions on healthcare, labor unions, and middle class exceptionalism, Biden seems to be capturing the powerful moderate wing of the Democratic party who are turned off by far left positions offered from a variety of Democratic candidates.

An example of this is Biden’s recent support for moving past Obamacare to supporting a “medicare buy-in” where Americans can opt to purchase medicare. Biden however stopped short of supporting “medicare for all” which would force Americans off their private insurance.

Biden’s support is not only coming from moderate democrats. He is also seeing strong support from African American female voters, a powerful and important voting block in the Democratic party showing 47 percent support from a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult who have a wide range of political views which help to shape the political platform of Democrats.

Biden raised $6.3 million in his first 24 hours after announcing, the highest of any other presidential candidate.

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