Who’s The Stronger Power in the Democratic Party? Moderates vs Progressives.

The presidential race is showing a clear divide between those in the Democratic party who consider themselves more moderate and those who consider themselves more progressive. While calls for unity have been made, the ideological battle between the party has spilled out into the first two debates.

Progressives were widely viewed as making the loudest noise in the beginning of the race with a heavy focus on left leaning policies such as the Green New Deal and Medicare for All however, Democratic Moderates have shown they will not allow their party to move too far to the left in their opinion without a fight.

Medicare for All in particular has seen a sharp backlash from political moderates who want to see a public option offering yet, do not want to force Americans off of their private health insurance plans. Progressives, on the other hand, are calling for the elimination of healthcare companies who they say are making a profit while Americans suffer.

Polls show a murkier picture on which direction the democrat party is moving. The candidate considered to be the de facto moderate with the greatest chance of beating Donald Trump is Joe Biden. The former Vice President is still leading in the latest poll released Wednesday August 7th by Economist-YouGov with primary voters preferring Biden as their first choice at 22%. More progressive candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are polling at 16% and 13% respectively totaling 29%. Candidates like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg who may seem more moderate to some but more progressive to others are polling at 8% each which could tip the balance of power to either the moderate or progressive faction.

With 20+ presidential candidates, democrats will soon pick their favorites and the vast majority of Americans will have a more clear view if the democratic party has shifted to the left or has stayed on par with the politics of the center left Obama administration.

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