Long Beach Residents Bracing for Covid-19

Covid-19 has been sweeping the country. Originating in China, California now has an estimated 282 cases with 4 deaths so far and 6 people recovering. According to the City of Long Beach, there are 4 people who have tested positive for Covid-19 with 70 people being monitored and 11 people pending the results of their tests.

Long Beach residents are bracing for a possible uptick in cases across the city as testing kits are now becoming more readily available countrywide starting this week.

Large events over 250 people including the Grand Prix have been cancelled through the end of April and residents have been posting on their social media accounts about long lines and empty shelves at supermarkets across the city.

There is hopeful news however, scientists have isolated the virus and are moving forward on vaccines. Qarantines in countries like China appear to be working with reduced coronavirus cases popping up and thousands of residents recovering.

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