Coronavirus Cases Grow in Los Angeles

As testing for the coronavirus steadily increases across LA County, a rise in new cases are also increasing.

Governor Gavin Newsom stated yesterday that the state has conducted 8,316 tests so far with a capacity to run just under 9,000 more. Of the tests given, L.A. County confirmed 46 new coronavirus cases recently bringing the total number to 190

Long Beach now has a total of 12 cases with 3 people recovering so far. Since yesterday in Long Beach, about 130 people are being monitored to see if they have the coronavirus.

This news comes as testing capacity across the United States has risen and is expected to continue to rise. The U.S. Public Health Service reported that 58,778 people have been tested so far at this point.


Worldwide, there have been 229,761 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. In the United States alone, there have been 10,592 reported cases. The State of New York has seen the highest number of new cases in the country at 4,152 followed by Washington state at 1,187. The State of California has the third most highest cases at 875.

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