More LA County Votes Tabulated: Updates on Local Long Beach Elections

Today, the Los Angeles County Registrar announced the latest votes to be tabulated.

Their press release states:

“The update includes 29,672 ballots processed since Election Night, consisting of Vote Center and Vote by Mail ballots. The total election results count is now 2,101,601, which is 38.12% of eligible Los Angeles County voters.

These results are subject to change throughout the Official Election Canvass period as our canvass staff process outstanding ballots.

An estimated number of outstanding ballots left to be counted is 20,100.
Conditional Voter Registration: 10,500
Provisional ballots: 5,000
Vote by Mail ballots*: 3,600
Misc. ballots**: 1,000

In the most contested elections, here are the updates:

Long Beach City Council District 2
Robert Fox: 3035
Cindy Allen: 2953

Long Beach City Council District 6
Suely Saro: 2774
Dee Andrews: 1767

Long Beach City Council Districxt 8
Tunua Thrash-Ntuk: 3568
Al Austin: 2970
Juan Ovalle: 2838

Measure A
No on Measure A: 49195
Yes on Measure A: 49065

The next vote update from the Los Angeles County Registrar will be March 24th.

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