Update: Measure A Slightly Passes With Final Vote Tally

Story is Updated 03/27 6:40PM

In a last minute turn of events, the Yes on Measure A vote tally slightly surpassed the No on Measure A vote tally by just 16 votes winning slightly at 50.01% to 49.99%.

Critics of Yes on Measure A have remained hopeful they would maintain their lead against the city establishment who pushed for this voter approved permanent sales tax increase at 10.25% . Originally, Measure A was supposed to sunset at 10 years. However, the city has said that Measure A was necessary to approve by Long Beach voters because LA County would be able to use part of Long Beach’s sales tax in the future had Measure A not been passed. The city believes that by passing Measure A, tax funds stay in Long Beach. The No on Measure A crowd with less than a thousand dollars of funds have pointed to a variety of tax increases that have occurred in the past number of years saying enough is enough.

Whether or not there will be a recount is up to the LA County Registar to decide.

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With an unknown amount of votes still needing to be tallied, Measure A is failing by 704 votes according to most recent vote results.

With a majority of votes cast, No on Measure A has garnered 44,620 votes at 50.40% while Yes on Measure A has 43,916 votes at 49.60%.

This is a big blow to the current political establishment in Long Beach who poured in over $380,000 thousand dollars to get it passed.

Measure A, which raised local sales tax to 10.25%, was first introduced in 2016 by Mayor Robert Garcia as a way to increase funds to pave the streets and sidewalks among other infrastructure projects for ten years. It was passed overwhelmingly by Long Beach voters with 60% of the votes.

Four years later however, voters have not been so friendly to the idea of extending the sales tax to make it more permanent. Voters have cited a variety of reasons including increased parking ticket fees, higher cost of living, and the perception that although Long Beach is a “rich city” with it’s own port and oil profits, they believe the city is run by special interests where residents do not get the most value for their dollar.

Right now Measure A is failing but results could change. We will report on final results when they come in.

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