The Covid Tracking Project Updates on Testing Statistics

Testing for Covid-19 has lagged significantly in the United States up until recently. Now, thousands of people across the country have been tested with thousands waiting for results.

Although the amount of testing for individuals has increased, many people in the United States still have not been tested and in California, many test results are taking longer than expected.

A new website called the Covid Tracking Project is now tracking tests across the country. The reason this is so important is that many people who have Covid-19 are not 100% sure they have it and may be passing the virus onto others. Also, lower numbers in certain states like California may be giving false hope to those who aren’t affected, potentially, leading to riskier behavior.

According to the Covid Tracking Project, these are the Covid-19 testing statistics in California:

Positive – 7,482
Negative – 21,772
Pending – 57,400

By looking at the data, although anecdotal, it can be deduced that there will be significant additional positive results as 57,400 individuals are waiting for their Covid-19 test results.

Dr. Fauci today in an interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto gave some positive news saying, “We’re starting to see glimmers that that is actually having some dampening effect,” He then added however, “But that does not take away from the seriousness of what you’ve described on this show.” 

Long Beach will continue under a “Safer at Home” order.

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