Virgin Orbit Making New Medical Breathing Devices

Long Beach, CA

Richard Branson’s space company Virgin Orbit has partnered with researchers at UC Irvine and University of Texas to create and produce heavily needed ventilator devides to help fight Covid-19.

They have begun using materials and tools the company has at it’s Long Beach factory location in Douglas Park.

Realizing the need, the company reached out to California Governor Gavin Newsom, who put them in touch wiht the California Emergency Medical Services Authority who provided guidances on the types of devices the California community needs right now.

Virgin Orbit CEO Dan Hart is working with the United States Food and Drug Administration on approval and they hope to get these breathing devices to hospitals in California soon.

CNBC has reported that Virgin Orbot’s ventilator project leaders, Kevin Zagorski said, they are creating “a very, very simple and robust design that we can get out to the people who are in the most need, and the hospitals that are in the most need, of devices like these very, very quickly.”

Along with Virgin Orbit, other companies who have committed to working on ventilators right now include Tesla, General Motors, Ford, and Dyson. More to come.

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