Covid-19 Testing Results Improves in California

Long Beach, CA

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed frustration yet optimism around testing backlogs for Covid-19.

As of last week, there were over 57,000 test results that were waiting to be processed. Today, Newsom stated, “The testing space has been a challenging one for us and I own that and I have a responsibility as your governor to do better and to do more testing in the state of California.”

The California Governor informed the public that over 126,000 residents have been tested for the coronavirus and that the number of people who were waiting on their test results dropped from 57,000 to 13,000 people, a dramatic decrease in the backlog.

As of today, overall statistics show that the United States has 311,637 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Although California has the 4th highest cases in the country at 13,929, the state has the highest population then any other state by far at 40 million people, and it appears that Newsom’s early prevention efforts are paying off helping to flatten the curve.

Long Beach is not out of the woods yet however. Today, it was announced that 27 new coronavirus cases have hit the city with a total of 198 confirmed cases. Three Long Beach residents have died from the virus and it is now recommended by Mayor Robert Garcia that individuals wear a form of face masks to help protect themselves and reduce the spread of the virus.

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