Long Beach Stores Put Up Safety Barriers

Long Beach, CA

In an effort to reduce airbone transmissions of the Coronavirus, some stores have put up safety barriers between employees and their customers.

It is now known the Coronavirus can stay airbone for several hours in certain situations and that people can contract the virus by just breathing it in.

Recognizing the danger of this situation, the CDC this past week officially recommended Americans to wear cloth face coverings in the public.

The City of Long Beach for its part released “guidance for individuals wearing face coverings to protect against COVID-19 when leaving their homes for essential activities.

Creating safety barriers between employees such as pharmacists and those who work at checkout stations is just another safety precaution created to help flatten the Coronavirus curve. Public officials believe that all of these efforts, however out of the norm they may appear to be, will help assist the city and state in getting back to everyday life sometime in the future.

As for how customers feel about safety barriers? This customer felt a lot safer getting his prescription.

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