Covid-19 Update for Long Beach Property Owners

Long Beach, CA

Own a property in Long Beach and concerned about the property tax deadline this Friday, April 10th?

The LA County Treasurer and Tax Collector Keith Knox is offering certain assistance despite not having the authority to do so by state law. Knox on the County of Los Angeles Treasurer and Tax Collector website stated,

“I understand that this is a very stressful time, especially for those suffering direct effects from this public health crisis, and my office is committed to helping in any way we can.  Los Angeles County property owners affected by the COVID-19 virus may have late penalties cancelled if they are unable to pay their property taxes by the April 10 deadline.”

Starting April 11th, a property owner under distress by Covid-19 can begin to fill out a penalty waiver request online here.

This comes at a time where Long Beach has put together a ban on evictions for renter and businesses impacted by the coronavirus. Property owners along with renters also may be feeling the pinch during these times of economic uncertainty and the potential loss of cash flow due to Covid-19.

Due to the newly passed CARES Act, a $2 trillion stimulus package passed by Congress and signed by the President last month, Americans struggling to pay their mortgages because of unforseen circumstances due to Covid-19 may have the ability to defer their mortgage bill for up to a year.

Details of the CARES Act with Coronavirus Relief Options can be found here.

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