Long Beach Captain David Rosa Memorial Sign Placed Today

Long Beach, CA

Today, the Long Beach Captain David Rosa Memorial Highway sign was placed today on the SB 5 FWY at Ortega HWY and NB 5 FWY at Camino Capistrano offramp.

This sign helps to preserve the sacrifice David Rosa took daily serving as a firefighter in Long Beach and helps memorialize him in is hometown of San Juan Capistrano.

On June 25, 2018, Captain David Rosa at age 45,  was responding to an explosion in a senior facility in Downtown Long Beach.  After the fire eas extinguised, a gunman opened fire on the public safety officials.  Rosa, age 45 was hit and pronounced dead at the hospital..

A year later, on the anniversary of his death, Long Beach renamed a firefighter training center in honor of Captain David Rosa. 

Long Beach Fire Dept. Chief, Xavier Espino said at the time, “There’s a saying that time heals all wounds. While that may be true, time allows you to forget a lot,” He went onto say, “I ask that you all pledge to continue telling the story of Fire Capt David Rosa. Continue telling the story of Dave.”

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