Ca Governor Gavin Newsom Announces $125M Fund For Undocumented

Long Beach, CA

In an effort to assist undocumented immigrants in California, Governor Gavin Newsom through an executive order announced today $125 million dollars in assistance. The executive order provides for one time $500 payments to undocumented adults with a cap of $1,000 per household.

The $125 million fund is a public/private partnership where 50 million of the funds will come from partner donors.

Newsom had previously stated that California could reopen based on six critieria. This criteria includes:

  • Expand testing and doing contact tracing for those who test positive
  • Being able to protect California’s most vulnerable populations, including seniors, homeless individuals and those with compromised immunity
  • Ensuring medical facilities are equipped to handle potential surges
  • Working with research hospitals and other research partners to pursue therapies for the virus
  • Making sure businesses, schools, and other public spaces can continue physical distancing
  • Being able to return to more strict measures, as needed

Newsom didn’t say exactly when the state would reopen but he did state, “By no stretch of the imagination are we out of the woods, despite the fact that we put forward a framework yesterday to consider the prospects of reopening certain sectors of our economy.”

Covid-10 has killed 821 Californians with 24,424 infected.

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