Long Beach City Council Races Off To A Runoff

Long Beach, CA

Citywide races for Council Districts 2, 6, and 8 are all going to November runoffs as final vote tallies have been confirmed with the LA County Registrar.

Here are the primary results:

District 2

Robert Fox 3057
Cindy Allen 2984

Robert Fox, longtime Long Beach resident and community activist moved into first place through a grassroots campaign and support of the Long Beach Reform Coalition. Cindy Allen racked up heavy establishment and labor union support but faced considerable criticism for the circumstances surrounding the sale of her business ETA Advertising. Both candidates will be vying for more progressive voters as 3rd and 4th place candidates Jeanette Barrera and Eduardo Lara are now out of the race.

One term incumbent Jeannine Pearce who backed Lara decided not to run for re-election. The council member faced a tough recall challenge after she was found pulled over on the 710 freeway in June of 2017 with her former Chief of Staff having a quarrel. She was later censured by Long Beach City Council unanimously for violating Long Beach’s code of ethics.

District 6

Suely Saro 2819
Dee Andrews 1799

Suely Saro, who outraised her opponents in campaign contributions, came in first place in the District 6 primary. Saro has gained support from a number of politcally active labor unions and a variety of Long Beach elected officials. Dee Andrews known as the “Son of the Sixth” has been in the council seat since 2007. Because of the passing of Long Beach’s Measure BBB, Andrews was allowed to run again one last time this election cycle.

District 8

Tunua Thrash-Ntuk 3585
Al Austin 2995

Two term incumbent Al Austin has a fight on his hands as challenger Tunua Thrash-Ntuk pulled into first place with a strong election day showing. Thrash-Ntuk has garnered significant establishment and labor union support. Austin with support of the mayor, police, and fire along with additional establishment, business, and labor union support has had to take very difficult and oftentimes contentious votes in particular, surrounding hotel workers and rent control issues. While Austin has argued he did was what correct despite special interest opposition, he has consequently faced backlash on his home turf from very powerful politically active constituencies. Tunua Thrash-Ntuk who out fundraised Austin is the wife of Uduak-Joe Ntuk who was recently elected to serve as a Trustee on the Long Beach City College Board in 2018 which district overlaps the 8th district. Juan Ovalle who finished in a strong third place has yet to endorse.

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