COVID 19 will not stop Lesbian Visibility Week

Long Beach Pride and Los Angeles’ 50th Anniversary of Christopher Street West (aka LA Pride) have been “postponed” due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. They joined the thousands of other pride festivals, sports competitions , festivals, fairs and concerts or any other manner of large in-person crowd producing events in the U.S. and across the world that also are cancelled or on hold as humans social distance.

One newly planned inaugural event however will still make its planned grand debut next week, the first annual Lesbian Visibility Week. The long planned global kick-off that was scheduled for April 20 – April 26, 2020 will still go on, but now as an online virtual event.

The Lesbian Visibility Week was conceived as an expansion of Lesbian Awareness Day celebrated internationally on April 26th annually since 2008 (except in New Zealand and Australia which since 2012 celebrate a similar day on October 8 during Spring in the Southern Hemisphere). Lesbian Awareness Day has become a platform for Lesbian role models to speak out on a variety of issues to help break down stereotypes and communicate the diversity of women in the LGBTQI community.

Beginning in the United States, the origins of Lesbian Awareness Day has never been documented, but the goal of expanding the now internationally familiar one day recognition into an internationally recognized week has been an ongoing process in Europe. Organized by the London’s Women’s Clinic, the first ever Lesbian Visibility Week has garnered support from LGBTQI organizations and sponsorship from major European and international companies.

With the COVID 19 outbreak, organizers quickly made the decision to turn the week into a global virtual celebration based in London. The event will include information, education and entertainment content with free access around the world.

The daily entertainment content will include a multi-night talent show, a comedy night and a movie night. The Lesbian Visibility Week website describes the topics of the panels, seminars and workshops offerings as:

“ on topics ranging from career focused masterclasses to wellbeing and resilience from leading LGBTQI speakers and experts”.

The live schedule in London time is available online (see link below). London time ( British Summer Time) is 8 hours ahead of Long Beach. That makes the Lesbian Visibility Week morning welcoming session on Monday April 20th at 10 am London time (BST) on at 2 am Long Beach/Los Angeles time (PST). However the later afternoon and prime time entertainment events will be in the afternoon our time.

Monday night’s talent show Diva has Talent: Heat 1 at 7:30 pm in London will be lunchtime viewing at 11:30 am on Tuesday in Long Beach. All of the main entertainment of Lesbian Visibility Week will available about the same time during the week. Perfect timing for those stay-at-home internet hours.

Anyone wishing to be part of the global event must register to get information to access the offerings (see link below). Information and times will be confirmed to those who are registered with links and access codes for the events. The planners will use various platforms like YouTube and Zoom to stream the offerings world-wide.

Along with the planned events, Europe’s largest LGBTQI media company, DIVA Media Group, has inaugurated new initiatives aimed at the LBTQI women’s community as part of Lesbian Visibility Week. The DIVA Survey: LGBTQI Women’s Insight 2020, the Visible Lesbian 100 and the #ThisIsMemarketing campaign. For information on those initiatives and the week of activities please see the links below.

Lesbian Visibility Week Schedule of Events links:

Time converter for London (BST) to Los Angeles (PST) link

Lesbian Visibility Week Free Registration

DIVA Survey: LGBTQI Women’s Insight 2020

DIVA Visible Lesbian 100

#ThisIsMe marketing campaign

Lesbian Visibility Week website link

Lesbian Visibility Week DIVA website link

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