Gavin Newsom Shuts Down Orange County Beaches

Long Beach, CA

Although Long Beach beaches have and continue to remain closed as part of the city’s “safer at home” order, our neighbors to the south have not implemented the same rules.

Both Newport and Huntington Beach have allowed their beaches to remain open to the dismay of many who believe the best course of action is strict social distancing to flatten the Coronavirus curve.

Over the past weekend, Newport and Huntington Beach saw scores of beach goers flock to get some sun. News outlets posted pictures of crowded beaches which didn’t sit well with Governor Newsom who called the existence of crowds during the Coronavirus pandemic “disturbing.”

Today the Governor ordered all Orange County Beaches to close and said, “Orange County has been on our list of health concern and they’ve done a wonderful job down there, I just think we can tighten that up a little bit. So we’re going to have a temporary pause down there.”

Newsom last week in an effort to stop crowds congregating outside tweeted:

Today, Michelle Steele, an Orange County Supervisor rebuked Governor Newsom’s actions today stating that his actions are “a clear example of unnecessary government overreach.” and went onto say that these “actions are arbitrary and capricious and is an act of retribution against Orange County.”

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