CSULB Student Under Investigation For Racist Video

Long Beach, CA

A Cal State Long Beach student is under investigation for a video posted on Twitter where she was allegedly making racist comments towards Mexican immigrants. The story was broke by the Daily 49er reporter Madalyn Amato, a news media site dedicated to Cal State Long Beach

In the video, the student sang along to a song called “Crazy Rap” by Afroman, where she created her own lyrics. The Daily 49 reported that one line of her song went, “Get out out out of here, you’re not wanted in America. If your women and drugs just don’t sell, your head on a spike will.”

School officials were quick to denounce this behavior.

Jane Conoley, the Dean of the College of Business didn’t mince words on the subject and stated, ” I am very concerned that any student at Long Beach State would use threatening language toward other students.  One of our campus values is:  Diversity is our strength.  This diversity is about ethnicity, religion, gender identify, points of view and so on.  With 38,000 students it seems inevitable that at least one student would hold abhorrent views, but this one student does not characterize our campus values.”

Jeff Cook, Chief Communications Officer at CSULB gave an update on the situation saying, “We continue to look into this to assess any applicable student-conduct issue. Our preliminary information is that this video may have been made over a year ago for a high school class exercise. Regardless of the video’s purpose or origin, we find the expressed views objectionable and wholly inconsistent with the values of Cal State Long Beach.”

The current investigation is ongoing.

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