Phase 2 Some California Businesses To Reopen Friday

Long Beach, CA

Governor Newsom announced that some retail businesses will be able to reopen this Friday with modifications.

The Office of the Governor wrote, “Thanks to the millions of Californians who are abiding by the Stay at Home order, the State has made significant progress in bending the curve.”

In person at a press conference Gavin Newsom stated, “”We are entering into the next phase this week. This is a very positive sign and it’s happened only for one reason, the data says it can happen.” He went onto say however, “But we recognize as we begin to modify, behaviors modify, and possible community spread may occur. If that’s the case, and we do not have the capcity to control that spread… we will have to make modifications anew.”

The data with key metrics the Governor utilized to start moving California into Phase 2 to start reopening the economy include:

Stability of Hospitalzations
Personal Protective Equipment Inventory
Surge Capacity
Growing Testing Capacity
Expanding Contact Racing Capablities.

The types of businesses considered “lower risk workpalces” that may be able to reopen include small retail, florists, bookstores, clothing stores, and sporting goods stores. Office workplaces and restaurants will not be able to reopen in phase 2.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia in an email echoed Newsom’s comments about the types of stores the state will allow to reopen and added, “Over the next couple of days, Long Beach will be releasing more information on our local process. In addition, we will be making meaningful adjustments to our outdoor recreation policy that will go into effect for this weekend.”

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