Where’s The Beef? Some Wendy’s Taking Hamburgers Off Menu

Long Beach, CA

In the 1980’s, Wendy’s was known for this little catch phrase during their commercials, “where’s the beef?”

Now, that catch phrase might be coming true, temporarily.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are current meat shortages across the United States at grocery stores and other food retailers. Some Wendy’s restaurants in California, Kentucky, and South Carolina have taken their staple hamburger off the menu.

In a statement to Restaurant Business, Heidi Schauer, a Wendy’s spokesperson said, “As you’ve likely read, there have been challenges among protein suppliers across North America, We are working closely with our supplier partners and restaurant teams to minimize the impact to our customers and continue to monitor this closely.”

There is currently only 1 Wendy’s location in Long Beach. It is located on Bellflower Blvd in the Los Altos neighborhood in East Long Beach.

In an effort to find out if the Long Beach Wendy’s still had their signature hamburgers on the menu, the phone rang and was left unanswered.

This story will be updated when an answer is found out. Like the rest of local Long Beach Wendy’s fans, we hope this particular story turns out to be a nothingburger after all.

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