LA County Stay At Home Order Until August

Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director, Barbara Ferrer, during an LA County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday stated the Los Angeles’s current stay at home order could remain in place “for the next three months.”

This statement by Ferrer comes on the heels of LA County now confirming 33,180 Covid-19 cases with 1443 new cases reported just yesterday, May 11th.

She continued to say, “There’s now no way, unless there was a dramatic change in this virus and the tools that we have at hand to actually fight against this virus, there’s no way that we could in fact see us not needing to continue with a set of restrictions.”

The County of Los Angeles put out an official statement on the matter afterwards stating, “While the Safer at Home orders will remain in place over the next few months, restrictions will be gradually relaxed under our 5-stage Roadmap to Recovery, while making sure we are keeping our communities as safe as possible during this pandemic.”

In Long Beach, Mayor Garcia announced there are now 953 Covid-19 cases in the city with 45 deaths. 35 of those deaths were at long term care facilities.

Long Beach who has its own health department and is not governed by LA County’s stay at home decisions recently eased it’s own stay at home restrictions, allowing for public parks, golf courses, and the beach bike path to be open so that residents can walk, run, or bike. In addition, as of today May 13th, the City of Long Beach has reopened all its public beaches for active recreational activities continuing until further notice. Social distancing is still required in these scenarios and picnics and gatherings are not allowed.

Rules on these matters and more are changing rapidly as the City of Long Beach is looking to adapt to the ever changing reality the Coronavirus has presented to the United States.

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