Long Beach Street Sweeping Enforcement Begins Monday At $70 Per Ticket

Long Beach, CA

Street sweeping enforcement will resume starting Monday 18th according to Long Beach officials.

The City of Long Beach had given relief to Long Beach residents by halting any street sweeping citations during the Covid-19 pandemic. They also offered free parking permits for a number of garages in parking impacted neighborhoods.

In a press release, the City of Long Beach wrote:

“After nine weeks of amnesty for street sweeping citations, the City of Long Beach will resume street sweeping-related parking enforcement on Monday, May 18.

Over the past two months, operations have continued in areas where the street sweeper can effectively sweep the streets. But in many neighborhoods, the lack of street sweeping access has led to an accumulation of sediment and debris that jeopardizes the City’s ability to meet national standards for clean waterways.

Street sweeping is a critical health service, collecting thousands of tons of debris each year and eliminating pollutants from washing into the ocean or river. Streets can only be swept effectively when cars are out of the path of the sweeper.

As part of continuing efforts to address parking impacts caused by COVID-19, the City of Long Beach made over 4,000 parking spaces available. These spaces are located citywide. A full list of parking options is available here.”

Street sweeping citations have risen in recent years capping out at $70.

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