Local Downtown Long Beach Musician Performs For Her Neighbors

Downtown Long Beach, CA

Life during the Covid-19 pandemic might seem uninspiring and dull for most. In Downtown Long Beach, among the many high rises and condos, residents who typically could walk out of their living quarters and have Long Beach’s Downtown urban center at their fingertips, are spending much more time at home.

Thankfully, some residents have a view or are in an earshot of Marta Z’s Downtown Long Beach condominium in the Aqua Towers.

Marta Z, who performs on the violin, according to her website plays “any combination of Classical, Jazz, Top 40 in Pop, R&B, EDM and Rock with professionally mixed backing tracks.” Her “show is expandable with dancers, acrobats, other musicians, live DJ or a full band.”

When asked why she decided to perform for her neighbors Marta Z responded, “The balcony concerts started initially as a way for me to deal with the effects of my isolation. The first performance was meant as a surprise gift to my community. I recorded the video as a present for my mom’s birthday on that day, since we couldn’t celebrate together. After I posted it for her, it went viral on Facebook and got news coverage here and abroad. I started to receive so many supportive and touching messages from all over the world, I decide to make it a weekly Thursday Balcony Concert series and live stream it as well.”

So far, Marta Z has performed four times for her neighbors. Here is her first performance to the famous song “Hallelujah,” originally released by singer Leonard Cohen.

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