Three local women move on to final rounds for a seat on the California Citizens Redistricting Commission

Long Beach, CA

Three local women, one Democrat, one Republican and one “non-affiliated with a major party”, have  been selected  to move to the final selection rounds for a seat on the 14 member California Citizens Redistricting Commission  (CCRC).

Long Beach residents Margo Morales and Genevieve Brill Murphy and Lakewood resident Dr. Maria Williams Slaughter are on the list of 60 candidates sent to the leaders of the California State Legislature.  

The 60 names were forwarded last week by the CCRC Applicant Review Panel. The Legislative Democratic and Republican Leadership will have 24 “strikes” that allow the leaders to remove up eight names from each of the three lists. Those three lists each  have 20 names grouped by Democrats, Republicans and “Non major party affiliated”.  The “Non major party affiliated” group includes both members of minor California Parties and “decline to state” registered  voters.

Margo Morales is on the Democrat list. She retired in 2018  from her executive management position with the  Los Angeles County Department of  Health.  She has served on the Long Beach Parks and Recreation Commission and is currently serving on the newly created Long Beach Ethics Commission.

Genevieve Brill Murphy is on the Republican list. Murphy is the owner of a senior home care franchise Long Beach Visiting Angles. She also serves as President of the Board for the Bucket List Project Foundation a wish fulfillment program for adults with terminal illnesses.

Dr. Maria Williams Slaughter is on the “Non major party affiliated” list.  Slaughter is the  City of Carson Director of Public Works. A Lakewood resident, she has been very involved and active in the LBUSD schools her children have attended.  Slaughter  also has worked and taught at CSULB.

The three women were part of  120 applicant interviews by the Applicant Review Panel in February and March of this year.  Long Beach Councilwomen Stacy Mungo-Flanigan was also interviewed by the Applicant Review Panel.  The Councilwomen however dropped out from the CCRC selection process after she was reminded during her interview that if she was selected for the commission she would have to resign her council seat.

The Legislative Leadership have until June 30th to exercise strikes from  the three lists.  The California State Auditor will then randomly select the first eight commissioners before July 5, 2020. Those eight commissioners will select the six additional commissioners from the remaining candidates before August  15, 2020.  

The CCDC is tasked with having a diverse membership.  The Audit Review Panel released demographic data of the 60 applicants forwarded to the  Legislative Leadership.

The CCRC must include 5 Democrats,  5 Republicans and 4 Non major party affiliated. 

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