Opinion: Life At Arms Length

By David Clement
Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association, Board Member

Looking around my Bluff Heights’ home during this strange, and sometimes lonesome, period of self-isolation, I am reminded of a time, several years ago, when I was confined to my home while sick with the flu. You see; I have a small Propeller and Aviation Parts collection, and one of my prized artifacts is a propeller blade, once belonging to a great English “Spitfire” airplane, a plane that had flown during World War II’s “Battle of Britain.” At that time, while under self-isolation at home, I went on an ebay buying spree, and the “Spitfire” propeller was one of my “finds.”

Although I was born after World War II, I learned that there was a general feeling of uncertainty caused by a great fear of the unknown. It now seems clear to me that we are at war with a new, albeit unseen, enemy… the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

So as I look around my home during this new isolation of mine, I have a new respect for my little Propeller collection, and in particular, my “Spitfire” blade. I can’t help but connect this current difficult time with that terrible time caused by World War II. Collectively, the globe came together to defeat those wartime enemies. Likewise, I am confident that we too can and will prevail against this new invisible enemy. As FDR put it so eloquently in his 1933 Inaugural Address… “The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.”

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