Councilwoman Suzie Price Backs Reintegrating Students On-Site at LBUSD In The Fall

Long Beach, CA

Councilwoman Suzie Price of the Third District in a letter to the Board of Education is encouraging the Long Beach Unified School District to find safe ways to reintegrate students back on school grounds during the ongoing battle with the Coronavirus.

In her letter where she talks about her own struggles as a parent home schooling emphasized based on “more data from which new models have been created,” she believes “it is time to consider opening the schools this fall.”

She adds, “I am mindful of so many familes where adjustments could not be made for a parent to be at home, where the learning environment may not be well-suited for learning, or where access to technolgy may be limited or non-existent.”

The Councilwoman’s full letter can be found here.

Long Beach City Council has no official jurisdiction over the Long Beach Unified School District however, the two entities from time to time work together on issues of shared importance.

Developing story.

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