No Citywide Curfew Today

Windows boarded up at Anderson Hardware in Downtown Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

The City of Long Beach announced it will not be imposing a curfew on residents and business owners today, June 4th.

The announcement also stated, “The City will continue to reevaluate throughout the day and into tomorrow, and if needed, the City can reinitiate a curfew.”

Long Beach was battered by looting and destruction amid peaceful protests by those opposing the police treatment of recently deceased George Floyd.

In a statement, Mayor Robert Garcia said,

“Over the last decade, our own Long Beach Police Department has come a long way in making reforms. We’ve trained every officer in de-escalation, mental health and racial equity, and added more accountability measures. All patrol officers now have body worn cameras and we’ve seen officer involved use of force incidents decline. We are proud of the progress our Police Department has made.

I am committed to continuing the reforms we’ve seen here and to strengthen them. to that end, in the coming weeks, I will be joining a series of conversations with Black organizers, students, and leaders in our city to address the crisis facing our nation.”

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