LBPD fires officer for posting graphic photo during protests

 Long Beach Police Department announced Friday, June 5th that it has fired Officer Jacob Delgado  for posting a  disturbing picture on his personal Instagram account.

The picture features Officer Delgado’s black baton over a floor splattered with blood as he worked during the  Long Beach Protests on Sunday May 31st.

The announcement of the dismissal of  Delgado did not include his name. The release states:

Today, Friday, June 5, 2020, the officer responsible for posting graphic photos on his personal social media accounts has been relieved from employment with the Long Beach Police Department.

Included in the release was this statement from Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna:

“Our organization is dedicated to our community and we must build upon the relationships we have while continuing to develop and foster new relationships. We hold our employees to the highest standards and will not ignore behavior that erodes public trust.”

The Delgado tweets became one of a handful of examples across the nation of police brutality and misconduct during the nationwide protests. All the incidents including the Long Beach tweets quickly became national news as the protests of Geroge Floyd’s death at the hands of police continued. 

Earlier in the day two Buffalo, New York officers were suspended without pay after a video of them pushing a 75-year-old protestor to the ground, and leaving him to profusely bleed from his head became national news.   One day before on Thursday, June 4th in Shelby Township a suburb of Detroit placed Police Chief Robert J, Shelide on administrative leave while the town investigates the Chief’s personal Twitter account glorified police brutality during the protests. Shelide deleted the whole account, but screenshots of his tweets were on social media. 

Officer Delgado did delete his Instagram post, but before the post was deleted it was reposted by Delgado’s brother with the imposed words “Bro getting his”.

Buzzfeed broke the Long Beach story that quickly was picked up and became a national story.   

When the story broke two days ago, Police Chief Luna released a statement calling the images “very disturbing and are not in line with the high standards we hold our officers accountable for”.

Office Delgado joined the LBPD in 2019. 

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