Stage 3 openings: Gyms, Hotels, Museums and outside camps

Mayor Garcia announced today in his COVID 19 update that under alignment with all the cities in LA County  only some of the state’s Stage 3 allowed openings will take place this Friday.

Gyms. hotels, museums and galleries, outside camps and swimming pools, film and TV production, and the Aquarium of the Pacific will be allowed to open.  In addition, beach parking lots will be open, but beaches are still restricted to active activities only. All new openings must follow the soon to be published city guidelines to lower the risk of COVID 19 transmission.

Bars, nail salons and family entertainment related businesses are still not allowed to open.

The Mayor also stated he had received lots of questions about the 4th of July and fireworks shows.  Garcia explained that the state has not yet issued guidelines on what will be acceptable, but he expected that state guidelines would be issued soon.  

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