CSULB Fall Semester will include 355 on-campus classes with up to 4,000 students

In a June 15th edition of her ongoing campus video message series One Beach, California State University President Dr. Jane Conoley announced how the university is planning to open for the Fall 2020 semester.

Conoley reported that the University will have 355 on-campus classes for about 3,000 to 4,000 students. The in-person classes are for upper-level science, health, engineering, and the arts.  

The CSULB President noted that last year on-campus classes numbered 9,700 for the university’s 38,000 students.

In the Fall, the campus dorms will house up to 1,000 students including athletes.  Sports will return to campus depending on health guidelines and NCAA protocols.

The President noted that despite other colleges announcing in-person learning for all students, CSULB is starting the first part of the Fall Semester with mostly remote learning with the ability to “pivot” if conditions change.

In her message, Conoley reported that eleven CSULB students had reported mild COVID cases and that 7 faculty had contacted the virus but all had recovered.

In the message titled “A Message on Fully Uniting the Beach Community on Campus” President Conoley noted:

“When it comes to returning to campus, we must first balance a number of health and safety concerns.  The safest strategy is to only use remote instruction until there is a vaccine, but there are other factors that make that impossible” .

  1. Guidance from Long Beach and L.A. County public health officials
  2. Guidance on physical distance for students and faculty and reducing classroom capacity by 75%
  3. Course offerings that cannot be delivered remotely
  4. Assurances that students and employees will follow health guidelines related to COVID 19
  5. The ability to clean buildings frequently
  6. “Concern over our campus’ potential to become a danger to the rest of the community because of asymptomatic COVID infections off campus.”

2018 CSULB report noted the Economic Impact of the university on the region as $1.53 billion. While as Conoley noted that the campus has not completely such down, the impact on not having 38,000 students coming into Long Beach is certain to affect the local economy including the local tax base.  The impact on student-centered services such as shopping, dining, and entertainment will be most likely heavily impacted especially in East Long Beach and Belmont Shore.

The late summer usually sees an influx of new and returning students at East Long Beach retail stores shopping for dormitory essentials usually with families in tow.  The impact on the Los Altos Village housing availability can already be seen in the traditional student housing apartment complexes in the transition between the Traffic Circle and Los Altos Village.  Never having to really advertise, the large complexes are now using signs and flags to announce the availability of apartments.

Dr. Conoley’s  June 15th: “A Message on Fully Uniting the Beach Community on Campus” :

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