Long Beach Health Officer releases protocols for bars and nail salons re-opening

-Legends Bar in Belmont Shore courtesy of Pintrest

A few hours after Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announced that bars and salons would be allowed to reopen, the Long Beach Health officer issued protocols for bars, nails salons and personal care services (links below).

On June 11th in anticipation of the re-opening of bars, the California Alcohol Beverage Control Department released new regulations rescinding the requirements of serving food with alcoholic beverages.   

These are the new Long Beach protocols for bars, wineries, and tasting rooms:

  • Indoor in-person occupancy capacity is not to exceed 50% of prior maximum seating capacity to allow sufficient space for social (physical) distancing between groups of customers; 
  • distancing should be 6 feet between groups of customers and/or use physical barriers. 
  • Occupancy limits will be reevaluated after 21 days to assess timing for additional occupancy increases.
  • Outdoor seating is subject to adhering to the 6 feet physical distancing requirements between groups of customers but is not to be included in the occupancy limit. 
  • Customers are prohibited from purchasing and consuming beverages while standing in the facility. 
  • Customers may not order and drink at the bar. o Customers are not allowed to order and pick up drinks at the bar and transport them to their tables.
  • Any drinks ordered at a table will be brought to the table by wait staff. 
  • Discontinue seating of customers in areas where customers cannot maintain six feet of distance from employee work or food and drink preparation areas. 
  • Entertainment operations, including but not limited to, karaoke, dancing, open mic performances, trivia activities, mixers, pub crawls, and performances are prohibited. 
  • Services and activities that carry an increased risk of contamination from sharing and splashing such as drinking games and/or contests, and drop shots, among others, are not allowed. 
  • Discontinue the use of shared entertainment items that are difficult to properly clean and disinfect such as board games, and books, among others. 
  • Limit excessive consumption of alcohol that could deter guests compliance with these guidelines.  

 Links to the complete Long Beach Health protocols:

Bars, wineries and tasting rooms

Nail Salons

Personal Care


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