LBPD Speaks Out Over Shaun King

Long Beach, CA

Statement From LBPD Regarding Threats Of Violence To Journalist And Activist Shaun King:

Today, the Long Beach Police Department was made aware of incredibly disturbing social media messages that were posted from personal Facebook accounts to a Private Facebook Group. The posts included potential threats of violence directed towards activist and journalist Shaun King. The article identified former law enforcement officers including three from Long Beach.

To be clear, none of the individuals in the article are current LBPD officers.

Although we have one current employee with the same name as a member of the Facebook group, this employee is not involved in the online group.  We also have no information indicating that any other current LBPD employees are involved in this situation. 

We have submitted this information to our Investigations Bureau for further review and recommendations regarding a criminal investigation.  Based on the totality of circumstances, the LBPD has requested and will receive assistance from the FBI regarding this matter.

The Long Beach Police Department is appalled and deeply disturbed by the tone and content of the posts which in no way reflect the core values and professional standards held by the men and women in our organization.  We are 100% committed to working in partnership with our community to ensure that all people are treated with respect and professionalism and will not tolerate any bias, racism, or threats to individuals.  

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