THE Sunday REVIEW: Long Beach’s Pandemic July 4th

The COVID 19 Pandemic made the July 4th, 2020 weekend  less everything in Long Beach. At least until the sun went down and a full moon rose over Southern California. Then amateur pyrotechnicians using illegal fireworks took over the skies after most professional displays were canceled.

The 2020 4th had fewer family gatherings, fewer crowds, fewer park goers, and fewer holiday decorations. The usual 4th of July traffic snarls into and out of Long Beach never materialized.  

After dark as the explosions and the rockets red glare blasted across the full moon sky,  calls jammed 911 centers.  Police stations and local media pleaded with citizens not to use 911 except for life-threatening  emergencies  

THE Sunday REVIEW presents photos from the Long Beach 4th of July Weekend 2020.

Eye Physicians building Spring Street Shopping area

Recreation Park Triangle Neighborhood home

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Houghton Park BBQ early morning 4th of July

Around the Corner Liquor, Los Altos Village 4th of July morning 

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Deforest Neighborhood home

Marina Apartments boat and dock party next to 2nd Street Bridge, Naples Island

Neighbors social distance get together, Ranchos Neighborhood home

Houghton Park traffic boxes

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Jordan H.S. Flag mural dominates skyline of adjacient Coolidge Street neighborhood

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Long Beach Veterans Memorial, 4th of July morning

Sign greeting visitors to Long Beach’s Peninsula Neighborhood 4th of July weekend

Brown the Cous Cous duel social distance performance for Ranchos neighbors

The Bluff Park space hosts 4th of July gatherings over looking empty beaches

Los Altos Little League filed at Whaley Park

Long Beach Towne Center Lowes 4th of July specials

American flag boat dock Naples Island

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Long Beach Veterans Mural Uptown Neighborhood Harding and Atlantic

Recall Newsom petitioners, Los Altos Shopping Center parking lot

Deserted beaches and anchored boats at the Belmont Moorings, Island White

Downtown storefront window Alamitos Street

Fire Station 22, Los Altos Village neighborhood

Peninsula Neighborhood entrance 55th Place

Long Beach Towne Center Lowes

Beach Path social distancing

Bixby Knolls neighborhood home

Legends on Second Street, Belmont Shore

The Eldo Restaurant, Eldorado Park

Komo’s dining parklet, Naples Island

Ranchos neighborhood display

Quite 4th of July daytime for Long Beach Firehouse 8

4th of July boat ride returns as moon rises over Shoreline Marina

Quiet Moonrise over Long Beach harbor with the annual 4th of July fireworks over the Queen Mary canceled. As night falls over the harbor, Downtown and inland neighborhoods start to sound and look like a war zone.

Fourth of July drone footage courtesy of Attractions 360 YouTube channel:

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