Long Beach Citizens Parking Group Endorses Robert Fox For 2nd District City Council

The 2nd District Council race is heating up with a contentious battle between two candidates Cindy Allen and Robert Fox.

While Allen has the support of the city establishment, Fox has nabbed the endorsement of a critical citizens group focusing on improving parking in the district, Long Beach TAPS (Transportation and Parking Solutions).

In a statement the group wrote, “We didn’t endorse any candidates during the last election and OMG, did we regret that because Jeannine Pearce helped the City make parking worse!!

This year, LB TAPS endorses Robert Fox for City Council District 2.

In City Council District 2, you will have a choice between Robert Fox and Cindy Allen.

While Cindy Allen makes claims about parking during her campaign, we’ve found them to be very uninformed and misleading. We think it’s pretty clear that she will continue to support Mayor Garcia’s efforts to lower parking in Long Beach.

Robert Fox has shown us that he is dedicated to solving the parking crisis and lowering parking tickets in Long Beach. He has studied the parking issues and he met with our parking consultant at length twice. It was obvious to us that Fox’s experience, both with businesses and residents, helped him to understand the complex issues with parking very clearly. You have a much better chance of getting parking solutions with him. Many of his ideas are the same as those that we have been trying to get the city to consider. More on his parking stance can be found here.

For more information on Long Beach TAPS, click here.

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