2nd District Candidate Robert Fox Wins Endorsement of Long Beach’s Newest Democratic Club

Last Friday evening, 2nd District Candidate Robert Fox won the endorsement of Long Beach’s newest officially chartered Democratic Club, the Women’s Education Circle for Democracy, Long Beach (WECDLB).

WECDLB Club President and Co-Founder Deborah Betance stated about the endorsement, “Our role here is to educate the community, especially women, by providing a voice and opportunities to engage in and practice the true principles of democracy for the benefit of the entire city. As an educator for over twenty years, I teach my students that government derives its ‘just powers from the consent of the governed,’ as Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence. Robert Fox understands this most profound of democratic principles.”

She went onto say, “He understands that what we need more than ever today is a reasoned, fact-based, informed system of government and politics on the local level. His breadth of knowledge is broad, vast, and a vault of knowledge regarding the history of the City of Long Beach—it’s budget, structure, policies, and procedures. It’s astonishing and it means he’ll get to work right on day one.”

Fox in a statement said, “I could not be prouder to receive the endorsement of Women’s Education Circle for Democracy. As the only non-City Hall Machine beholden women’s club in town, they are truly a breath of fresh air. Unlike some Democratic clubs in Long Beach, they actually believe in democracy with a small ‘d’ and I truly applaud them for that.”

Cindy Allen, Fox’s 2nd district opponent previously won the support of the Democratic Women’s Study Club of Long Beach.

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