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Sewage leak caused closure of swimming areas in Long Beach

Long Beach, California – A sewage leak caused the closure of all swimming areas at Long Beach beaches. Long Beach City Health Officer Dr. Anissa Davis ordered the temporary closure of the beaches for water contact until further notice immediately after the sewage spill.

In cases like this one, state law requires that beaches be temporarily closed and signs posted until testing of water samples shows bacteria levels are within state requirements.

According to a report obtained in the afternoon of December 30 from the California Office of Emergency Services, between two and four million gallons of untreated sewage had leaked into the Dominguez Channel. The Dominguez Channel flows into the Los Angeles Harbor at the Port of Los Angeles. The spill happened after a 48-inch sewer main line broke.

The Water Quality Inspection Team of the City of Long Beach Health Department is checking water quality at the impacted beach areas. Water quality testing will continue until the findings meet state standards.

The community is asked to pay strict attention to any caution signs put up at the beach for their own safety.

People can get the latest information on recreational beach water quality in Long Beach by calling the Water Hotline at (562) 570-4199 or by visiting http://www.longbeach.gov/beachwaterquality.

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