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Long Beach teacher hoping to get rich ended up being scammed on Instagram

Long Beach, California – A Long Beach teacher hoping to generate an income of thousands of dollars by making a $600 investment in Bitcoin ended up risking much more than her money.

Stephanie Anderson made the initial investment through Instagram and ended up losing all of the money and her child’s images as her account was hacked after scammers sent her a link to click on.

She said that this was a heartbreaking experience.

Anderson followed the example of a friend who did the same thing on Instagram, and chose to pay the money right away.

At first she believed her friend was guiding her through the process, but shortly after she realized it was the scammers.

The scammers pretended to be Anderson’s friends, and they instructed her to contact an investor who then required her to make a scripted video for him.

“OMG you guys! I cannot believe I just made an investment,” Anderson said in the video.

In order to cash out her profits, she was required to click on the link sent by the scammers.

“Next thing I know, my Instagram is being hacked,” Anderson said.

While Anderson was locked out of her account, the scammers uploaded a video of her, enticing others to make a small investment and get rich in a short period of time. The video was followed by fake pictures of Anderson purchasing a brand new vehicle.

Anderson and her friends have reported the scam to Instagram because they were concerned someone else could get scammed also. She and her friends have not received feedback on locating the scammers or shutting down the fake account.

At the end, Anderson was able to retrieve her account with the help of a friend who works for Facebook.

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