LAPD fires officer after refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate

Los Angeles, California – In a statement released Tuesday, the Los Angeles Police Department said that one officer had been fired after refusing to comply with the city’s vaccine program for employees.

The city’s mandatory vaccination program requires employees to show vaccination proof, or for those unvaccinated, allow them to request a religious or medical exemption by a December deadline.

However, the current case with the LA police officer is not the only known such case when a police employee is required to show proof of vaccination in order to not be fired because they are not able to show proof of vaccination. According to multiple reports, several other police officers are facing contract termination at the board of rights because they are not willing to comply with the vaccination policy in place.

As of this week, around 16% of the employees in the Los Angeles Police Department are awaiting a decision on whether they will get an exemption from the vaccine mandate or not. The rest of the employees in the department are fully vaccinated.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, 277 officers are either isolated at home or recovering from the virus.

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