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Two people seriously hurt in an accident after their vehicle flipped over

Long Beach, California – Two people were seriously hurt in a car accident north of Cal State Long Beach. They were taken to a hospital in serious condition.

A report of a car crash at the junction of Stearns and Palo Verde Avenues drew firefighters to the scene, according to Brian Fisk, a spokesperson for the Long Beach Fire Department.

In his statement, Fisk said that the accident involved a single vehicle with many individuals inside that had flipped. Both the driver and passenger of the vehicle were extricated from the vehicle using the “jaws of life,” and both were transferred to a local hospital’s trauma unit in serious condition, according to officials. Hospital officials spoke hours after the collision, saying the two people who were brought into the hospital following the crash are now in stable condition.

According to authorities, the reason for the accident has not been determined, but it seems that the driver lost control of the car at the junction, causing the vehicle to flip.

The Long Beach Police Department is still investigating the accident.

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