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Los Angeles receives over $47 million to buy apartment buildings for homeless people

Los Angeles, California – Homeless people in Los Angeles in the near future will have a roof over their heads after the city received over $47 million to assist its Housing Authority buy apartment buildings.

$37 million of the money the city has received will be used for buying multifamily rental housing buildings close to public transit and other amenities, and $10.5 million will be used by the Los Angeles Housing Authority to purchase a newly built apartment building with 34 units that will be used to shelter people who are experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Homeless people can avoid being evicted from those locations and will have access to health services, trauma informed care, benefits, education, documentation, and employment services.

More information regarding either of the projects was not made available.

According to Newsom’s statement on Wednesday, the funding for Los Angeles is part of a $116 million program that would fund seven additional Project Homekey locations around the state.

In order to alleviate the homelessness issue in the state, officials in 2020 started Project Homekey with the goal of converting buildings into permanent homes as quickly as possible.

Gov. Newsom also said on Wednesday that the state had provided shelter to thousands of people in need since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Today’s announcement will bring 387 housing units for those most in need of a home, offering several essential supportive services with easy access to public transportation,” Newsom added.

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