Expensive private kindergarten employee is accused of forcing minor students to chant ‘We want Biden out’, parent of a student devastated, lawsuit

Politics is something that should be kept out of schools at any cost, especially in kindergartens and schools with minor, underage children. While some people think that students should be provided some space for debate, this should take place in middle schools and high schools where students are expected to understand what politics is, what voting means and to understand the voting system.

Unfortunately, this was not the case with a pre-school facility after a mother of a 5-year-old girl was left nothing but devastated of the video of her daughter’s school where the little girl and several other minor classmates are seen chanting ‘We want Biden out’ during a President’s Day lesson. The mother brought the story to the light of day and she seeks responsibility from the teacher and the school.

The incident happened last month, but the mother of the 5-year-old student learned about the video sometime later and her story was recently reported by Daily Mail. According to their report, the video was taken at a private and expensive California pre-school facility where the mother, C. McFadden, is paying nearly a $1,000 per month and the recent incident is not something she expected from the teachers.

‘The teacher is indoctrinating her students. Everybody has a right to believe in what they want and my daughter wasn’t given that opportunity,’ McFadden told local news station KTLA. ‘And especially at that age, I don’t even think that she can comprehend to make an informed decision on who and what she should believe in.’

The video didn’t immediately go public as it was sent to the parents through an internal mobile app intended to inform the parents about their children’s activities in the school, events and other useful information. As per the video, McFadden’s 5-year-old daughter and at least seven other minors are seen chanting ‘Biden…we want him out,’ after a female teacher asks ‘Who is our President? What do we want to do with him?’

Once McFadden saw the video for the very first time, she called the school officials and she was offered an apology and the video was taken down from the internal mobile app. In addition, the unnamed school official told the parents ‘it did not share the school’s ‘philosophy of honoring and respecting authority, including those in government positions.’ and that the school officials were OK with the video after they reviewed it.

Since McFadden was not happy with the answer she got from the school, she filed a complaint with the state, but they also refused to take any action because their focus is on health and safety. She then contacted several lawyers, but most of them informed her she can only sue for financial gain, which she says is not her goal. However, she doesn’t completely exclude the option to file a lawsuit against the school.

Meanwhile, the school confirmed they won’t seek further disciplinary actions against the unidentified teacher, who as of writing of this article, still works at the school. Once the case gathered a lot of attention, the school allegedly contacted the parents not to further share the video on the social since it was already removed from the mobile app.

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