“That dog had muscles coming out the wazoo,” Months old baby was mauled to death by neighbor’s mix breed pet dog even though the baby’s great grandmother often watched the dog for the homeowner

The family of a seven-month-old baby girl and the local community were devastated and in complete disbelief late last month when a dog, Great Pyrenees-American bulldog mix, mauled the baby girl to death and injured her great grandmother when she tried to rescue the girl from the aggressive neighbor’s dog.

Right after the attack that took place in Ga. suburban home last week on Tuesday, the seven-month-old Serenity and her 56-year-old great grandmother M. Guadalupe were immediately transferred to hospital for treatment where the baby girl was pronounced dead due to the injuries, while Guadalupe was admitted to hospital for treatment with non-life-threatening injuries she sustained when she tried to rescue the baby from the dog.

According to the incident report, Guadalupe rents a room in the home where the attack occurred. She often watched the dog for the homeowner, who didn’t live at the address. Neighbors informed the responding officers and the several local news channels that the dog was aggressive and often very difficult to control.

“[Guadalupe] didn’t have the strength to deal with that dog,” neighbor Stephen Fox told WJBF. “That dog had muscles coming out the wazoo. When he got out occasionally, it was very hard to get back.”

On the day on the fatal incident, the little girl was being watched by her great-grandmother. There is ongoing investigation which should reveal what happened and what triggered the aggressive dog to attack the baby girl. When deputies arrived at the scene, the girl was not breathing and the fire crews were performing CPR, the deputies’ incident report indicates. The girl had suffered obvious multiple lacerations and puncture wounds.

The baby and her great grandmother were rushed to hospital after the attack. Unfortunately, the baby died while Guadalupe was expected to recover. She was reportedly bitten by the dog in the attack, and suffered several injuries including puncture wounds and lacerations on both her arms. She was in stable condition, but understandably devastated of what had happened.

The responding deputies learned that the dog belongs to a woman who splits ownership of the residence with her brother and the female co-owner of the home was arrested. Her brother responded to the scene and was told what happened, WRDW reported after they obtained the incident report.

The dog was initially quarantined for 10 days, but this is not an isolated case as Attorney Vic Hawk said dog attacks are much more frequent from what people see and think.

“We probably get calls every month to a month and a half about a dog case that has resulted in a serious injury,” he said. “These can be very serious, very tragic consequences as a result of owning a dog. As a result, if the dog bites someone else, then the owner is subject to a high and aggravated misdemeanor charge,” he added.

To help the family cover the funeral costs, Serenity’s aunt Kendal Crawley started a GoFundMe campaign and more than $15,000 were raised as of writing of this article. The campaign is still open and anyone is encouraged to donate.

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