15-year-old boy was caught on camera slapping one of the few Black students in the school with a belt in a crowded lunchroom after he was seen throwing cotton balls at him, charged

Despite all the efforts in the last decades in fighting racism, Black people in America are still facing racism, racial slurs and being called the N-word almost every day. The fact that racism is also present in schools makes the whole problem even more alarming and concerning for everyone, especially for young Black children who might experience difficulties in the development process in their lives.

Less than a month ago, we reported about the incident in N.C. school when one student, called by his fellow students the Slavemaster, was selling his Black classmates in what appeared to be a ‘slave auction’. This incident was brought to the light of the day by a mother whose son was one of the ‘slaves’ and her FB post understandably gathered a lot of media attention nationwide.

But the above incident seems to be just one of the many racial incidents that regularly happen in schools across the country. On March 15, a video appeared online showing White student throwing cotton balls at a Black student during lunch while in school and he is later seen hitting the Black student with a belt in front of dozens other students in the lunchroom.

According to WWL-TV, the incident happened in Louisiana school where a 15-year-old boy is seen in the video throwing cotton balls at a Black classmate before whipping him with a belt. The victim eventually pushed his White fellow student away. The viral video was enough for the local authorities to press hate crime and simple battery charges against the teenager whose identity was not publicly revealed due to his age.

The local authorities later confirmed the incident happened during a lunch break in the school’s lunchroom in front of dozens of students, just few days after the video was revealed for the public and the attacker was charged. The video clearly shows the 15-year-old student approaching his Black classmate from behind and then begins tossing handfuls of what appears to be cotton balls at him before beginning to whip the teen with a belt. As a result of the incident, the teenager was arrested, charged and taken to a local juvenile detention center.

Since no other motive behind the incident was discovered, authorities said the video has been racially motivated. Parents of both students were questioned and given all the details by the authorities and the school officials later confirmed they had a meeting with them to further discuss the incident that was already under investigation.

The parents of the child who was targeted issued a statement in a press release, thanking people for their support and writing, “We will continue to pray for our school community as a whole, that we not only get through this together but that we each learn a valuable lesson from what has taken place.”

While it was not revealed if there have been previous similar cases in the same school, those familiar with the school say the victim in this incident is one of few Black students at the school since majority of the students in that particular school are White. Due to the victim’s age, his identity was also not revealed for the public.

Note: Some might find the video disturbing. Please click this link to watch the video on Youtube!

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