Young mother and father, who admitted that they would forget to feed their son if he was not crying, are arrested for starving the baby to death even though he was born healthy and had no other medical issues

Being a parent is not an easy task and especially young parents-to-be should be very well aware of everything that comes with a having baby. Many sleepless nights and a lot of dedicated time and effort are just few of the things young man and woman were apparently not ready for after their 3-month-old baby was found dead at their home and they are now accused of his death.

According to News 14, the 3-month-old Silas was found dead in the family’s home by the first responders following a 911 call in regards to an unresponsive infant in February this year. The three-month-old Silas, who was reportedly born healthy and had no other medical issues, died of starvation, the local sheriff office said.

Silas’ mother was identified as the 23-year-old C. Monroe and his father was identified as the 22-year-old J. Scott and they were arrested last week for the boy’s death, an incident that happened in their home in Indiana in February. The couple is accused of starving the baby to death, something that they admitted once questioned by the authorities. According to multiple sources, Monroe was previously investigated by the Department of Child Services because of an incident with another child and she was required to keep a feeding log for Silas, which she obviously didn’t.

People magazine, that obtained the affidavit of probable cause, reported that Monroe allegedly told police that Silas was born “small, but healthy,” and “had difficulty growing.” She also allegedly told police that her mother had expressed concern about the infant’s size.

“Monroe stated that her best friend, G. H., asked why [Silas] was so small,” the affidavit says. ” Monroe stated she said, ‘yeah, he is a little small.’ Monroe stated that she thought there was something underlying wrong with Silas, but she never had time to call and get a new pediatrician.”

The results of the initial autopsy confirmed the baby had died due to starvation. Per the autopsy report, the coroner who did the autopsy confirmed no signs of formula or milk in the baby’s stomach even though the mother said to the police that she had fed the baby earlier in the day when Silas was found dead.

When authorities questioned the father, the 22-year-old J. Scott, he reportedly informed them he couldn’t recall if Silas had been fed the day of his death. In addition, Scott informed the police that he and Monroe would not feed Silas if he didn’t cry and was quiet, which clearly confirms that the baby was not regularly fed and that’s the reason why he looked ‘a little small’ and “had difficulty growing.”

Monroe and Scott were arrested last Tuesday afternoon and were denied bond during their initial hearings on charges of murder and neglect of a dependent resulting in death. Monroe has a status hearing on May 9 to set her trial date, and Scott’s trial is set for October 18.

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