Black woman claims White man ‘dehumanized’ her and called her ‘an animal’ in front of her nephew and sister while they were at a park; the ‘racially motivated incident’ was caught on camera

The number of racial incidents nationwide is constantly on the rise in the last couple of years, but this trend is especially noticeable after the county reopened following the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns since the spring months last year. Per a CNN report from last fall, more than 10,000 people reported to law enforcement in 2020 that they were the victim of a hate crime because of their race or ethnicity, gender, religion or disability — a number that has been on the rise in recent years, according to FBI’s annual hate crime statistics report. Per VOA report, the rising trend continued last year as some of the largest US cities reported hate crimes spike of 39% and that continues in 2022 too.

Earlier this month, the 41-year-old C. Pukin was caught on camera (the video is below the article) grabbing a 15-year-old boy by the throat before pushing him to the ground at a movie theater. The authorities, who had the suspect on a video but were unable to identity him for some time, arrested and charged him as soon as his ex-wife recognized him and reported him to the police. He was arrested last Friday and bonded out the next day.

On Monday, the local police department said that Pukin was also named as the main suspect in an incident that happened just three days after the theater-related incident with the teenager. According to the authorities, Pukin was caught on camera threatening Black women at a Fla. park in a broad daylight. When the video was posted online, it immediately became a viral piece of content gathering thousands of views in a matter of days.

Per the NPD, Pukin is a suspect in a case they’re investigating at Baker Park. There, Pukin is accused of going on a racially-charged rant, threatening two women who were there to celebrate a birthday party with children. The two women accused Pukin of threatening them after he was upset that one of the children was too big to play on a big slide.

“I will break your jaw in f– half,” Pukin said in a video recording from June 12. “Literally 30, no more than 60 seconds later they come back and say ‘Hey mom, this guy is being really mean to us. He’s being so mean to us,’” Sonia Telusnord said to NBC2. Just days after he bonded out, Pukin is again facing jail as the local PD filed a warrant to arrest him, this time for this particular incident.

Speaking to the local TV station, Sonia explained that she was in the park with her sister, cousin and her 10-year-old son. When Sonia was approached by her minor son, she thought that she will see a big kid bullying her son and cousin, but instead, the ‘bully’ was an adult. It was Pukin.

The altercation between Sonia and her sister, and Pukin was caught on camera by a girl who started crying in the middle of the video as the argument between Pukin and the women became heated. From what is heard in the video, Pukin called the women animals as soon as he approached and started yelling in the face of the two women.

“Ma’m, I don’t even want to call you ma’m, animal,” Pukin was recorded saying to the women. “You need to take care of your stuff,” he added. “I do feel like it was racially motivated,” Sonia said. “He immediately thinks that my son is this threat.”

“When he called me an animal… As an African-American woman, he looked at me and called me an animal. He dehumanized me,” Sonia’s sister, Faria, said.

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