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Los Angeles County will send 1,000 cans of infant formula to Long Beach

Long Beach, California – As a result of the deficit of infant formula that hit the United States earlier this year, Los Angeles County purchased approximately $1 million worth of baby formula, and 1,000 cans of it will be sent to Long Beach for the parents who are struggling during this time.

Director of Health and Human Services Kelly Colopy told the City Council on Tuesday that the city was working with the county to get the formula to families through a federal program called Women, Infants, and Children. Families can use vouchers to buy the formula.

To be eligible for the distribution, people have to be in Medi-Cal, have a job that does not provide insurance, be registered in SNAP or another public assistance program, or utilize housing choice vouchers to help meet their monthly rent.

City officials say that the formula will be given out within 30 days after they receive it from the county.

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