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Police warned people to avoid wearing expensive jewelry while shopping in downtown LA since the risk of getting robbed is high as they are still looking for suspects responsible for last week’s crimes

Los Angeles, California – As the Los Angeles area has been seeing frequent street robberies for an extended period of time, starting last year in the fall, and several people have been attacked in recent weeks, the Los Angeles Police Department was forced to warn people shopping in the jewelry district and Melrose Avenue to avoid wearing expensive jewelry in public.

People are being warned by the Los Angeles Police Department not to walk around wearing expensive jewelry as they go to and from restaurants, stores, and clubs. They are also being warned not to leave their belongings in their parked cars, and if they believe they are being followed, they should call 911 and, if at all possible, drive to the nearest police station.

Authorities in Los Angeles decided to send out the warning after two additional violent robberies took place last week in the area.

The first of the two violent robberies occurred last Thursday, when two guys wearing masks entered a store on Melrose Avenue and attempted to take an expensive watch from a couple who were shopping there. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were alerted about the robbery in progress and opened fire at the criminals, but they managed to get away.

The second robbery took place the next day, on Friday, near Rosewood and Harper, where another couple had their watch stolen by three individuals armed with weapons.

Authorities issued the alert in order to inform the public about the robbery trend and lower the risk of more people getting robbed.

The Los Angeles Police Department achieved the desired outcome by issuing the alert as, according to multiple sources, people who went shopping as of Monday said they left their jewelries at home.

The suspects responsible for last week’s robberies are still being sought by police.

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