Aliens occasionally interact with a woman in her dreams, she wakes up with bruises all over her body in unexpected locations with no recollection of how she got there

The number of people who assert that they have seen aliens at some point in their lives is rapidly increasing. Some people who have already shared their experience said they kept the “secret” for a long period of time, so people don’t think they are going crazy and avoid the “you should consult a mental health expert” advice.

Some of those who have kept the alien encounter a secret for a long time include the 51-year-old woman who finally plucked up the courage to speak up and raise awareness among the public that such things, though not believable, actually do exist.

The woman said she was occasionally awoken in the early morning hours since, as she recalled, her youngest age and doesn’t have any control when such unusual phenomena happen.

The 51-year-old woman claims that she has been abducted by extraterrestrial beings many times while she was asleep. She has also discovered “weird bruises” and “punctures” on her skin, and she has even woken up in unexpected locations with no recollection of how she got there.

The events are said to have started occurring to the woman when she was just 4 years old, as reported by the news source.

According to her statements in the article, she has “always been able to see things in the sky, as well as actually seeing beings as well.”

She said, “I remember being sad at night and going out onto the terrace at my family home in Columbia and crying out to the stars. I would ask them why they left me here, and I would tell them I wanted to go back home.”

According to the middle-aged woman, “telepathic communications” frequently wake her up at dawn and lead her to her window, where she attempts to capture videos or take photographs of “what is out there.”

She added, “I don’t have any control over when it occurs,” adding that the aliens occasionally interact with her in her dreams. “But, in the past two weeks, I have seen two flying objects in the sky up to three times in one night.”

After the purported visits by alien beings, the woman is often found to have what can only be described as “weird bruises” all over her body.

“I would wake up with marks on my body, bruises, finger marks, punctures in my skin and cuts as well, and this is how I’d know something had happened in the night,” she said, adding that her daughter has also had experiences that are similar to hers since she was ten years old.

“She believes she can see them, too,” the woman claims.

At first, when she was younger, she used to keep her experiences to herself because she was afraid that other people would think she was “crazy.”

“As I got older, I started to share little parts of what was happening with friends, but I didn’t want to scare people. My parents knew what was happening, but it was something that would never be spoken about,” the woman said.

She stated that she has seen “a translucent watery type figure by a tree,” as well as “beings who look like humans” but who “are just a little bit taller than average and have larger almond-shaped eyes.”

Because of her own life experiences and the fact that she claims to have had interactions with UFOs, the woman has been very engaged in the UFO community and has even traveled the world to attend UFO conventions.

“I speak to people who have experienced the same things as me, such as seeing UFOs and aliens,” she added.

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